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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Pedophile's Guide to...WTF?

OK. I'm a HUGE fan of the 1st Amendment and Free speech and all that. Seriously. I'm a writer. Just try to shut me up.

BUT...There are LINES people. Lines that DO NOT get crossed. I tripped over a huge line today when a fellow Tweeter alerted me to 's sale of the most hideous book I've seen to date.

The Pedophile's Guide to Love and Pleasure by Phillip R Greaves 2nd (Kindle Edition - Oct. 28, 2010) - Kindle eBook

A Product Description as written by the author:

"This is my attempt to make pedophile situations safer for those juveniles that find themselves involved in them, by establishing certian rules for these adults to follow. I hope to achieve this by appealing to the better nature of pedosexuals, with hope that their doing so will result in less hatred and perhaps liter sentences should they ever be caught."

REALLY? Like, SERIOUSLY? Are we really allowing this to pass for free speech?

Amazon has defended its right to sell this book: 

"Let me assure you that does not support or promote hatred or criminal acts; we do support the right of every individual to make their own purchasing decisions."

" believes it is censorship not to sell certain titles because we believe their message is objectionable."

This does not take into account a few things:

1: The right of a private company to choose what to sell.
2. The right of anyone to ban the sale or promotion of literature that actively promotes illegal activity. 

The Definition of Pedophilia

: sexual perversion in which children are the preferred sexual object

And According to Wikipedia:

As a medical diagnosis, pedophilia (or paedophilia) is typically defined as a psychiatric disorder in adults or late adolescents (persons age 16 and older) characterized by a primary or exclusive sexual interest in prepubescent children (generally age 13 years or younger, though onset of puberty may vary). The child must be at least five years younger in the case of adolescent pedophiles.[1][2][3][4] The International Classification of Diseases (ICD) defines pedophilia as a "disorder of adult personality and behaviour" in which there is a sexual preference for children of prepubertal or early pubertal age.[5] The term has a range of definitions as found in psychiatry, psychology, the vernacular, and law enforcement.

Now that we're clear on this, how many feel a How-To-Guide is good for society or our children?

Does Free Speech trump all? 

Does the slippery slope argument give a get-out-of-jail-free card to all disturbed persons who want to promote this kind of sickness?

I had some strange Tweet exchanges on Twitter that ran into this problem. Things such as "We only care about white kids..." and "But let's not be naive and ban a pedophilia book when the US condones/loves *many* other forms of violence. It's inconsistent, logically."

HUH?  Yes. You're right. We shouldn't fight one kind of evil because other forms of evil exist. Perfectly logical. Ummm? Not.

Here's the deal.

Have sex with whomever you want. However you want. Write about awesome gay, lesbian, bi and hetero love affairs. Celebrate that however you'd like. Embrace age differences and non-traditional relationships. I would even debate various state laws about the age of consent, as it's legal in some areas for 16 yr olds to consent to their sexual partner and not legal until 18 in others. There are shades of gray there somewhere. I don't know the answer to this.

Sex can be a violation if an older man or woman manipulates or forces a younger partner. If a person in power uses that to gain sexual access to someone. Or if a teenage boy rapes a girl, woman or grandmother. These things happens. The victims and perpetrators of sex crimes come in a whole assortment of ages and, well, I guess just the two genders. But you get my point.


Prepubescent children are off-limits. Period. End of Story. No negotiating that line. At ALL! And that is the definition of a pedophile. I haven't read the book. And I'm not putting money in this man's pocket to do so. But the title and description say it all.

Meet Nook
I am boycotting until they remove this from their site. will get my business. My Kindle will be laid to rest as I save for a Nook. I have also called the FBI at 202-324-3000 and they led me to a site to file a formal complaint. Which I did. I hope you will take action.

Blog, Tweet and FB this and other blogs like it. File a complaint. Complain to Amazon. Boycott them. Alone my voice is nothing. Together, we can make change.

I am linking like minded blogs to mine. If you have written a blog about this and would like to be added as a link, please email me at kimberly.kinrade at gmail dot com.

Thank you!


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