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Friday, October 29, 2010

Share a Shiver for All Hallow's Read

'Tis true. The rantings and ravings and rumors. Not just of madmen. THE Neil Gaiman has brilliantly proposed a new Halloween holiday tradition. One I love more than fireworks on the 4th and eye patches on Talk-Like-A-Pirate-Day.

All Hallow's Read. Each Halloween, give the treat of terrors and tremors with the share of a fantastically scary read.

How much do I love books and sugar and scary haunts all at once? Sooo freaking much.

So, Let's do THIS! Let's give this best of all holiday treats some traction, by getting our butts out there and buying books for all.

Dilemma though. So many of my friends are online. ;( And I love you all and would buy each of you a scary book if I could. But I can't. Sooo...another idea.

Let's sit around my campfire, and tell scary stories to each other. Come on, you know you want to. Invite your friends, grab a log and warm your hands. It will be a looooong night, and the forest on the Night of the Dead is unforgiving. Cuddle up to someone you love and let the spooking commence!

I shall start with two little gifts. A link to the scary tale of what happens when you get cyber-sucked dry in THE NOTHING. (This will force you to leave my page, so click back ok?)

And...a tidbit. A little moment in a the life of a scary story. What is the scariest thing you can write in just a few words? To share a shiver, share a story. So, link your favorite scary nightmare (it can be yours or others), and share a little something for us to sink our teeth into now.


"She was curled up in bed reading by firelight, when she heard the sound that would lead to her end. 
She would think later, what an innocuous sound to spell out death's last breath. She would think this as she watched her hand twitching in the corner without her. She would think this as her fingers were flayed. She would think this even as the sound of the saw cracked against her skull. Then she would not think at all. 

She read her book. Unaware of future thoughts. Alone and safe. House locked tight. Until she heard the sound that led to her end.
The toilet flushed in her hallway bathrooom. Water ran. Footsteps."