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Saturday, December 25, 2010

VOTE on Cover Design for Reluctant Familiar

The Reluctant Familiar
by Kimberly Kinrade



Which cover do you like best for this book: A YA fantasy series launch?


In a world that expected her to be magick, 13-year-old Agnes was disappointingly ordinary. She fit in better with her human friends than her witchy ones.

Months after having reached her Magicked Phase, Agnes still shows no signs of talent, or of bonding with a Familiar, leaving her prominent family in danger of losing all.

Until a seemingly chance encounter with a flea-ridden alley cat changes all.

When Agnes finds herself bonded to a god named Sebastian, and in possession of powers she never knew she had, her life is turned on its head as she is transported to other worlds to thwart evil and undo damage done by wayward gods bent on destroying her new Familiar.

But will the bond last? If given a choice, will Agnes and Sebastian stay in this unlikely bond, or will they break it for a chance at freedom?

Vote for cover A or B below. Also, this will be available via paperback or E-book. Should these have different covers? If you don't like either, vote C ;) And I'll keep working!

This book will be self-published after the launch of my collection of short stories, poems and essays called "Bits of You & Pieces of Me," coming January 2011.


  1. I vote B. The cover is more appropriate for a YA fantasy series.

  2. A for sure. Beautiful, mysterious, suggestive without hitting you on the head.

  3. i like your post and thank's for your information ^___^