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Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday

I Don't Do Black Friday.

And I HATE Shopping.

So have fun trampling all over each other in the name of commercialism.

I'll just be here reading a book and drinking hot cocoa while daydreaming about my boyfriend.


  1. LMAO. I HATE SHOPPING too! I knew I liked you, now I LOVE U! Have a great weekend!

    Great to know you, beautiful!


  2. I share each and every one of these sentiments, except I won't be dreaming about your boyfriend. I'll be eating soup, and glad my husband is back at work LOL.

  3. I hate shopping as well. My husband has to go and get stuff to fix pipes. I sent him with two boys to get one of them boots and a list of things I don't want to shop for!

    He LIKES shopping. He likes spending money. May be out of a phone for two weeks... :D

  4. Rach! :) LOL LOVE YOU TOO GORGEOUS! Yes, we share a similar spirit I think! :) hehe

    KarenG: haha yes, my boyfriend is dreamy, so I know it's hard. Thanks for refraining :) lol Hope you enjoyed the soup! Yummy

    Leona: Haha, oh gosh. Yeah it's nice when you can delegate. I heard the online stores had the same sales and people set their alarms for like 3 a.m. to press enter. Sounds a little saner to me. lol Still though, I spent most of the day on the road, with 3 cranky kids and my parents and little sister and their sick dog. And still I preferred that over shopping!

    Thanks for the comments and for reading my shortest blog post ever. (Shorter than my comments LOL)