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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Recreating my life through NLP training and Life Coaching

When the economy crashed, my life pretty much crashed with it. My sales job tanked, my marriage fell apart (that actually wasn’t the economies fault), and I went from living in a big house with kids in private school to living in a trailer in my parents backyard, seriously...

I needed help pulling myself out of this mess and recreating my life as a single mom and professional.

That said, I found that help through a man by the name of Kevin Cole. He’s the founder of Empowerment Quest International. He teaches what’s called NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Life Coach training. Fortunately for me, he also works one on one with clients and… He believed in me.

Although it wasn’t always easy, he truly believed in me and through working with him and utilizing the NLP and Life Coaching techniques he taught me, I was able to refocus my life and create opportunities to match the changes my life had taken. Now I have an amazing job with an apartment in Huntington Beach and I am feeling on top of the world. This is only the beginning.

This experience has also led me to seriously consider the role NLP training and Life Coach training can play in my future. I know without doubt I will be enrolling in Kevin’s NLP Training certification courses soon. They are powerful tools with the power to transform lives and I want more!