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Friday, May 15, 2009

In Between the In Between, a poem by KA Kinrade

In between the in between

I exist neither here nor there, but in the in between state of nowhere
Where purple is a smell, and yellow is a sound and I have no sense of us

It’s a place of peace, though not of tranquility, a place to buy some time
This place of no place has no you and me and therefore no pain to speak of

But the emptiness it holds is worse than the pain that I feel when living here
And so I come and go again, in and out of here and there, never really sure of where I am

But always and forever, whether here, there or nowhere, you are forever in my head
This place that has no you and me, still has you in me, and so I can never escape

Damn these places of imaginary peace, and the pain that you’ve caused my soul
If I could just escape my head for a moment or two, maybe I could sleep for once again

But you haunt every cell and you invade every dream and you’ve contaminated my life
So I’m stuck with the smell of purple and the sound of yellow clamoring in my brain

And this flitting about between the in between is simply nonsensical reasoning
Trying to create a world without you would require the world be without me

Am I willing to give up me to rid myself of you? Even in the state of nowhere?
Or must I live my life in an absurd reality of multiple dimensions just to find fake peace?