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Monday, April 20, 2009

Crawling through Tar

Sometimes life resembles a hot air baloon flight. Exciting, exhiliarting, flying high with no thought to the problems that can weigh us down. Sometimes. Like falling in love. Accomplishing a great goal. Graduating. But then real life sets in. The hot air balloon losses air. We start to free fall. And then, we land in tar. We can't fly, we can't run, we can't even walk towards our goals. We can only crawl, with many rests.

I've been in the hot air balloon, enjoyed the freedom and excitement of it's ride. Now it's my time to crawl through tar, and it really sucks. But, there's perspective here you can't get flying in the sky. Things to see, thoughts to have, lessons to learn that don't exist in the air. They only can be revealed when you're on your hands and knees going at a snails pace, on good days. So these are the lessons I'm learning now. Not fun, not pretty, but necessary. Real. And worthwhile.