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Monday, June 22, 2009

The Unwritten Fairytale 11-12-07 copyrighted KAKinrade

Can a mermaid and a man find love?
Or a monster and a girl
The sentiment of sharing the same sky,
seeing the same moon,
or wishing on the same star
is trite, unless it's not true
We live in different worlds
and yet through love I can't lose you
I feel you with me, in me, around me, everywhere I go
I don't know how we'll be together
but we can never be apart
Having taken you in and given my heart
I know my life needs you.
We are a fairy tale waiting for it's story to be written
For in the fairytale lies the magic to make the impossible real
To give a happily ever after to a mermaid and a man,
a monster and a girl
Or even you and I
It may take time, longer then we'd like
But this love is worth the waiting
For I know that someday my prince will come
and he will be you.
And then we can look up and know that we share the same sky
see the same moon
and wish upon the same bright star
and that wishes do come true.

Note from author:
While I still believe in magic, and love, I no longer believe that I need my prince to come to be happy and complete. My prince turned out to be inside me all along, not separate at all. No wishing stars needed. I'm now writing my own fairytale. And I get to pick my own ending, without waiting for others to fulfill my wishes.

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  1. This reminds me of a conversatin I once had.