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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Theater of Passion

Theater of passion

It was one of those moments. An experience of drama that makes my heart race with anticipation. I crave the taste of it again. The theater of the forbidden. The theater of passion. Like a secret kiss in an alley. A dangerous liaisons. Like being in a Moliere play. It’s magnificent. The tension, the tenacity of the subtext to make itself heard. Maybe we are in a Moliere play. All of us. So, what’s the next line? How does it end? Even knowing, I do not really know. In a good play, and this is a great play. Dramatic, intense and sexual. Full of controversy and desire. Of the desire. It’s making me mad. Desire and fantasy and cravings and obsession. Theater is about obsession and the obsessed. An obsession to create and control. To give birth to ourselves in different forms. To be reborn with each play. And it is a compulsion. WE are compelled to tell our stories and show our stories and recreate them one by one. WE are compelled to bring others into our drama. Like telling a friend a dark secret. They don’t need to know. We need to tell. Compulsion and obsession. And so, the fire rages inside me. I crave theater, like a loner. I supplement my life with scraps of drama left for the audience after the process is complete. I will live on the scraps until I can once again embrace the theater and take it into me fully. Open myself up to its surreal magic of displacement.

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