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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Small 'lily feet'

Small Lily Feet

Small ‘lily feet’
So broken for beauty
They bound you in ribbon
And made you so lovely

Small ‘lily feet’
So crippled and useless
That beauty now traps you
And keeps you so ugly

Small ‘lily feet’
I know how you feel
They broke me for “truth”
And bound me in pain

Small ‘lily feet’
I’m crippled and useless
I’m trapped in their “truths”
And going insane

Small ‘lily feet’
I unraveled the truths
And saw them as lies
Now what should I do?

Small ‘lily feet’
Can I ever be healed?
Or am I condemned
To be crippled like you?

Author Note: Based on ancient asian practice of binding women's feet called "lily feet" until their feet were so deformed they could only walk a few steps at time without stopping. This kept them from ever escaping or becoming independent. A woman who's mother didn't bind her child's feet would not be considered eligable for marriage.

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