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Friday, June 26, 2009

Slaughtered Hope, a poem by KA Kinrade

I walk the minefield of our broken dreams
Navigating to the other side of fear

An invisible body bag has moved into our home
Hiding the remnants of who you were

They returned to me your body
But your empty eyes reveal your slaughtered soul

I bleed out on the battlefield of our marriage
Wondering what awaits me on the other side of death

I cock my gun and take aim
How do I kill the empty spaces left in you?


  1. I just had the thought as I read a commentary about the great war world war 2 that is. It was about children during the Vietnam war pretending to be soldiers but that even they understood that playing Vietnam war was wrong. It leads me to truly wonder what war is right? Even wars with no moral ambiguity force one human to kill another. I think every war has cost so much more than the cost of the actual casualties. I look at my grandfather a pilot during the great war and wonder how much pain he has felt the need to bury and how much his lack of being able to be completely present cost his family. We send human beings into conflicts and expect them to return the same. I once dated a man(boy) who belonged to the French legion and was sent to Somalia to kill. I met him after his return. There was not a single night he did not wake up with night terrors. He would get up out of bed and sob the memories too much to handle. He was later diagnosed with kidney cancer another by product of the unspoken use of chemical weapons. The true pain was in his soul the images of women and children slain along the dusty roads. The wanton abandonment the uncontrolled killing of innocents. War is not clean and neat even though our media would like us to believe so it is dirty. If we want our sons and spouses sent into this mayhem don't they deserve to have it portrayed for what it truly is? How else will anyone ever stop it from happening again? I'm sorry for your loss may all war end.

  2. Thank you Jason, for your powerful sharing. You're right, the cost of war cannot be figured in $$ or even loss of life directly. Everyone ends up broken. This war cost me my marriage, because my ex gave up on himself and us. It's cost my daughter's a big part of their father. It cost me the man I love. And we're just one story. There are millions out there. Every single person who goes to war leaves a part of them there. It takes incredible strength and dedication to recover from that kind of physical and emotional trauma, and most just don't have that fortitude to engage in that kind of self-healing. Thank you for understanding. Share this with others. People need to know the truth, as you said. It's a ripple affect. War hurts everyone!!! And how do I tell a 3 year old that? They only feel the pain, they don't understand the cause. It breaks my heart.