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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Promise of Death 11/27/07 copyrighted KAKinrade

The last spark of magic inside my soul is dying
Without you here to fan the flame
I'm falling into myself again
Into the darkest Shadows of my life
Where even anger cannot find its footing to stand
I exist within myself alone. Apathy my sole companion
Haunted by the parade of shadows and light
Dancing to the dying beat of my heart
Constantly fighting for the chance to lead.
I can no longer see you in my mind's eye
Arms reaching out to hold me
A flicker of a memory taunts my soul
But is gone before I can catch it.
This place of isolation felt safe at one time
A sanctuary to mend my broken dreams
But it has since turned into a prison
Enslaving me to the drama of my illusions
How can I find my way back to you?
How do I reclaim the life I once imagined?
The will to find that door is waning
and soon I'll be left with nothing but
the lingering scent of lost hope.
Alone and trapped, I wait for death to come.
My last chance for liberation.

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