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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sex and Celibacy

Did I get your attention? They say sex sells. I guess I won't be selling anything for awhile. After my last relationship, an almost 8 year marriage, I have decided to enjoy the state of celibacy (which includes no dating or romantics ties of any kind) for the next three years.

This is the longest I've gone without a guy since I hit puberty at a very young age. Of course, living in the country with 3 kids to look after doesn't leave me as many opportunities for engagement as say, college did. But I could get some if I wanted. But the "some" I tend to get tends to break my heart among other things. So, I need to figure this whole thing out.

In prior blogs I've questioned relationships, their purpose and so on. I've shared a little about my woes and worries, torments and tears. This blog is what I'm doing about it. The next three years are devoted to getting me healthy on every level while caring for my kids. There are many phases to this plan. The first phase, which I am in now, is basic phyiscal care. I need to get my body functioning at some basic level without chronic pain and frequent shut downs. So, that is my task.

This phase of my task includes some radical life style changes, including but not limited to drinking 2 litres of green smoothies a day. For more on this health regime, see my other blog It's called Hope For Health and it looks at articles that deal with health and nutrition. Much of my health journey is touched on in that blog.

So, as I said, there are many phases that include my writing, my money, my spiritual life, and relationships and sex. At the end of the three years I will presumably understand more about my own patterning and why I've chosen such self-destructive behaviors. I will also be in a healthier place in order to choose a healthier partner for healthier reasons. Are you sensing a theme?

Apparently, I can't do this while engaging in random sexual encounters or purusing love with unhelpful and unhealthy motives. Go figure.

So, to sex and celibacy. And my overall growth as a human and spiritual being. Let's just hope my future partner is putting this much attention on his own growth and development. :)

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