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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Raw Desire

Raw Desire 11.17.07

The raw power of desire threatens to sweep away all thoughts of what should be
Leaving only the burning certainty that this must be, that we must be
The coupling that will occur is driven by more primitive forces than you and I can know
And is fueled by a magic more ancient than our ability to remember
Nothing can stop this inevitable union from reshaping our destinies

My body burns with the memory of your skin against mine
My lips still taste the minty flavor of your mouth
Even in silence I can hear your voice calling my name
Beckoning me to join you in your world so far away
I’m pulled along this river of passion with no desire to stop
And no desire to navigate to safer destinations
I follow the scent of you, like an animal in the wild, tracking its mate
I feel only the driving force of this need to touch you again,
To feel your heart beat against my chest
To slip into the darkness and heat of your embrace, never to emerge

What is this magic that draws us to each other?
Like magnets, once flipped, unable to resist the pull of the other
Universal forces uniting to lead us down this unpaved, wild road of destiny’s landscape
To be apart, to wait for that moment of surrender to come,
Creates a pain and longing so deep that I cannot find the source

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