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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Angelic Visions

Angelic Visions 11.17.07

An angel told me I will see you
Through the misty veil of my dreams
Light and Sun will shine so bright
Revealing to me your souls true nature

And angel told me I will know you
Just by looking in your eyes
Hearts and dreams will recognize
Our bodies knowing will unite

An angel told me I will need you
To hold me when the shadows come
To match my strength standing side by side
When the storms of change try to ravage us

And angel told me that when you come
We may be tied to different pasts
Created by choices held long ago
But that time makes no mistakes with us

An angel told me not to run
When the fear of what is grips my heart
But to look in your face and hold your hand
And accept love however it comes

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