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Monday, March 30, 2009

Vacation Time

Being a single mom doesn't allow for much time to yourself. I'm in a transition right now as I learn this new role in my life and adjust to having kids with me 24/7 with no other help. It's tough. No sick days, no vacation time, no breaks. Full time entertainer, housekeeper, accountant, driver, nanny, etc.

I'm sick today. Really sick. Up all night sick. The kind of sick that makes me want to stay in PJ's all day in bed while someone brings me medicine and rubs my back. Well, I still had to get my 6 year old fed and ready for school, then there's loading all 3 kids into the car for the drive to school. Then my younger ones have bottomless pits for stomachs that need constant filling, the house is a mess, I'm prepping for a Spa Party on Saturday and a 9 hour drive to visit my family on Sunday. This is my stick day. In between all that I have a million other tasks that need to be done, taxes, paperwork for insurance, and all manner of uninteresting but necessary drudge work.

Some sick day. At least I can still spend it in my PJs.

And while motherhood doesn't allow for the same perks as a regular job, or the same relatively sane hours, nothing beats looking into my little girls face as she tells me how much she loves me. The feel of the little arms around my neck and those soft lips kissing my cheek is all the perks I need. Who needs vacation time when I have that?

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