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Sunday, March 22, 2009

To Do or Not To Do, Do I Have a Choice?

I've been dragging lately. My body is exhausted. My heart, mind and soul feel beat up and broken. I'm forced to spend what little time I have doing things I paperwork, bill paying, and dealing with poop, pee and vomit from various young beings for whom I am responsible. I'm just tired. My novel is sitting untouched in a forgotten file in my computer collecting dust, while my to do lists get longer and longer. And my energy to do gets shorter and shorter.

Every time I think I get my life into a space that I can handle and move forward, I'm wacked in the head with another crisis. How many more of these must I endure before I can start enjoying my life and my kids and my health, and my work? Seriously, I need a break from myself and everything happening in my life. Some days the only thing getting me out of bed is the need to feed my children.

So how do we decide what to make a priority and what can wait one or more days to be done? When do the to do lists start to take over our lives and make that life no longer all that fun to live? I think I'm getting to that point of tearing in half those damn lists and just take a nap. Or write my book. Anything but more paperwork and lists and demands that I'm just too exhausted to handle.

How do you handle the constant demand for your time and attention? How do you balance the "need to do" with the "want to do's" in your life?

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