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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Staying on the Board

I've never surfed, unless you count body surfing. I grew up in So. Cal. but was never a sufer dude by any stretch of the imagination. However, I did love to swim in the ocean, way past what most considered safe and reasonable, even the life guards. I was "rescued" on more than one occasion simply for being too far out and female. Serously, that's what they said.

Anyways, despite this lack of beach bum education, my dearest friend once gave me an analogy for getting through life and staying on our spiritual path. Her mentor gave it to her. It is staying on the board. No matter what happens, no matter how big the waves are, no matter how hard it may be, just stay on the board. We may not always be graceful or beautiful, we may not always look cool, but as long as we stay on we'll make it to the end. Her mentor was quite a skilled surfer, by the way.

So, right now in my life I know I'm lacking in all grace and coolness. I've no tricks to offer the casual observer, no cool moves to impress the masses. I'm just struggling to stay on the board. And I am. Staying on. Despite the waves that keep trying to knock me off and entice me to a watery grave. I'm staying on. And for today, that's enough.

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