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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Following the Script

Have you ever wondered who is writing the script for your life? My sister-in-law posed this question in her blog recently, wondering what role she's playing in the drama of her life.
I tend to script out scenes of my life in my head. What I would say, what they should say, how it will all look in the end. Unfortunately, the people in my life are never following the same script.
So, I keep rewriting what I want my life to look like, taking into account the unexpected things others throw at me. And boy do I get hit with a lot of that. Especially lately. Good thing I studied improv in college. Because if life's a stage and we are merely actors, then we are definitely doing improv.
But that's ok. That's how we get surprised. That's how we grow. We are tested. We are pushed. And pick any analogy or metaphor that works for you, there are hundreds. The point is, if we all knew what the next line was and if we all knew how the play would end, it looses so much of it's impact. We loose so much of what makes us human, of what gives this earthly experience meaning and purpose.
So, I'll recycle my scripts and allow myself to imrpovise and work with what those around me are doing. It may be harder than sticking to my scripts, but the rewards are infinitely better.

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