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Monday, January 19, 2009

What's your dream?

We all have dreams. Some big, some small, some unmentionable. But we have them. What do we do with them? That is the question. Dreams aren't much on their own, they need real action to make them meaningful. Like love, dreams alone aren't enough. Alone they fall empty...wishes made on shooting stars dying in the sky.

Greatness is achieved by taking those dreams and making them real. By giving birth to them in a tangible, messy, visceral way. I've given birth to three children. I know how painful it is to carry this extra weight of wonder and new life, to worry and fret and plan and pray, to feel the changes that this creation requires in all areas of life. I know what it feels like to not only rearrange my life, my even my internal organs to accommodate new life!

And then the birth. Messy, painful, sometimes complicated, always miraculous. Dreams made real radically transform our lives. They can't help but change the paradigm in which we live. Even if they seem's the butterfly effect. One small change here can have a monumental impact a world away.

When we take a step in a new direction, we change more than we realize. We change the shape of reality. We create new pathways in our tiny highways that we use everyday to get from one place to another. It is often too easy to coast along on the same highway we've always used, but then we never grow, we never learn and we never realize our dreams. What kind of life is that, I wonder?

I've had many dreams in my life. Dreams of traveling, adventures, excitement, love, sex, romance, fame, fortune, stability, beauty...dreams of lives never lived. And it's often easy to set aside those dreams when the dishes are piling up and there's not a single clean item of clothing to be found in the house, and the kids are all demanding pieces of dreams can often get buried. Abortions of possibilities. How many aborted dreams must I endure before I finally allow myself to take that next step and reach a little higher?

This year I'm not just dreaming. I'm putting myself on the line and allowing my body, my life, my entirely reality to change as I take a new step, and create a new path for myself and my children. Today isn't just about freedom, equality and justice. Those are all so very important. But it's also about dreams. And about living those dreams regardless of the cost. Because when we live our dreams, we inspire others to live theirs. And what better way to create peace, freedom, equality and justice than to set free the most inspired dreams in all of us, so we can all take a hand in creating a better reality.

What's your dream?


  1. well written and thoughtful. I like how you have a philosophical AND a practical intellectual way of writing.
    Very good.

  2. my literal dreams are dark and usually violent. My dreams in life have been edited down from grandeur to making sure my kids feel loved and accepted everyday.
    Thank you for your blog. You are a gifted writer. quite a "Word Smith" which is ironic since you abandoned the name Smith long ago without so much as a backward glance... ;)

  3. Abaddon, thank you for the compliment. As a follower of your blog I respect you opinion. I belive the world is very connected, and so it's important to have more than one way of viewing the world and being able to describe it.

    Hey bro. I hear you about the dreams. My literal dreams are often quite dark as well, and my day to day dreams mirror yours exactly. But I still have the big ones. So should you. Don't give up on yourself. One of the best things eitther of us could do for our kids is to show them how to live passoinately and to be great in whatever we choose to do. (Without sacrificing their care or safety of course...which is where the balancing act comes in. I love how much you love your kids. :) I'm really proud of you.

  4. Well written Kimberly! (I shall try to remember to use Kimberly:). I found some inspiration here and look forward to more!

  5. Thank you Cherish. I do make an exception for can call me what you like as long as you don't introduce as anything but Kimberly. :)

  6. It's never too late for this old dog to learn a new trick! Keep up your good work Kimberly!