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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Heart of Hope

Hope. A powerful word. Change. A word riddled with mixed emotion. Some change is good. Some we see as not so good. But it happens whether we like it or not. Nothing stays the way it was...and likely we'll experience change sooner than we think.

Today we made history and took a very powerful step in healing wounds so very old. We brought hope to our country, to our world. And we brought change. Many people are celebrating today, full of emotion over this incredible event. I surprised myself with tears as I listened to President Obama take his oath. I didn't realize how deeply affected I am by this event.

Many people are also disappointed today. They wanted the other guy. Regardless of which side you were on, I think we can all agree that it's an historic event. Sixty years ago President Obama wouldn't have been able to vote, let alone run for president...and WIN! Sadly I was shocked that he won. I didn't think we were ready. I was wrong. Never have I been happier to be wrong.

So, we have change. And we have hope. This country has to change if we want to survive. If we want our families to survive, our children to mature into real adults who are educated, disciplined, free-thinking and able to see the big picture of what it takes to care for this earth. As of now, we are 'raising' children who slip through our educational system without basic skills in reading and math, who are never fully emotionally mature, and who are unable to see past their own noses. This isn't all of them, there are some great kids out there, but this is many. Too many.

Change. Hope. This is BIG. These needs, these problems, so big that I'm often tempted to turn the channel, put down the newspaper and sigh in despair. What can I do? Nothing. It's too big. Too much. I'm just a mom. A writer of some little blog and some articles, maybe a book. But I can't change the educational system or impose higher standards of parenting for others. So I give up. So many of us give up and think it's beyond us to do anything.

President Obama has shown us nothing is beyond our doing. He won! A black man is President of the United States. In my lifetime. He took many small steps to get where he is. So must we. Most of us don't have presidential ambitions. I certainly don't. But I do know that change is needed in my life, as it is in the country. I must really look at my little corner of the world and find that which is not working and remove it. I must stay vigilant, allowing nothing in that will distract from my purpose. To care for my children, to live below my means, to be healthy with myself and my children, to live gently on this earth and care for her body and soul, to love God and reflect that love at all times...and to write.

Change must happen for me to realize my optimal health. I won't get there following the same path I've been on. That path lead me to dis-ease and pain. Our country cannot follow the same path that lead us here. So I change. I plan. I ask for accountability in my spiritual community. I open myself to allow others to see the dis-ease in my body, soul and that I cannot stay blind to it any longer.

President Obama challenged us to open our eyes to what's not working in this country. I challenge you to open your eyes to what's not working in your life. Be honest. Be consistent. It's sometimes painful to remove the poisons that allow our dis-eases to fester. It requires letting go of patterns of behavior, commitments or people who aren't in alignment with our intent. It's unfamiliar and scary. I'm terrified sometimes. But I also have HOPE!

I know that with this change is coming joy and peace and a level of calm I've never had before. With this change I come a little closer to living in the Love of God. That gives me hope, that my delusions and self-abusive patterns won't last forever, if I'm committed to change and hold on to hope.

My heart goes out to the Obama's. Thank you for bringing us Hope. Thank you for committing to change.

But for them to succeed we each have to do our part. We have to change. The time is NOW.

What changes do you need to make to be closer to your optimal self?
Are you holding on to Hope?


  1. I feel the struggle. Hope, shock that the country is ready for change and plans for the future. Yet you feel like one small voice, unempowered, "just a mom". While reading this I cringed at the change part and yet I got it finally that the word hope in this context inherently speaks of change. Now I can see from a broader perspective... and learn to embrace change as a part of my hope. I've had dis-ease too. I was given an affirmation that I have in front of me to deal with the dis-ease centered in my arm: "I lovingly hold and embrace my experiences with ease and joy."

  2. I'd love to hear more about the decision to live below your means. That's something I have not fully embraced yet, though I feel the need.

  3. Linda,
    Thank you for your comments. I think I'll use my next post to discuss living below my means, as it is something I am in the thick of learning.