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Saturday, December 25, 2010

VOTE on Cover Design for Reluctant Familiar

The Reluctant Familiar
by Kimberly Kinrade



Which cover do you like best for this book: A YA fantasy series launch?


In a world that expected her to be magick, 13-year-old Agnes was disappointingly ordinary. She fit in better with her human friends than her witchy ones.

Months after having reached her Magicked Phase, Agnes still shows no signs of talent, or of bonding with a Familiar, leaving her prominent family in danger of losing all.

Until a seemingly chance encounter with a flea-ridden alley cat changes all.

When Agnes finds herself bonded to a god named Sebastian, and in possession of powers she never knew she had, her life is turned on its head as she is transported to other worlds to thwart evil and undo damage done by wayward gods bent on destroying her new Familiar.

But will the bond last? If given a choice, will Agnes and Sebastian stay in this unlikely bond, or will they break it for a chance at freedom?

Vote for cover A or B below. Also, this will be available via paperback or E-book. Should these have different covers? If you don't like either, vote C ;) And I'll keep working!

This book will be self-published after the launch of my collection of short stories, poems and essays called "Bits of You & Pieces of Me," coming January 2011.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

"Bits of You & Pieces of Me" Book Launch SOON!

That's right folks, I have been sooo blown away by how many people have requested my work, that I am launching a very special book that has been on my heart for many years.

I can't tell you how much I love all of you who have supported me in my writing. This book is for all of you. I am still working on my YA Fantasies and do not know whether I will publish via traditional or indie routes, but either way this book is for you!

"Bits of You & Pieces of Me" is a collection of short stories, poetry & essays on life. While each piece stands alone, together the chapters tell the story of an idealistic girl in love with love who discovers the demons of a splintered heart when that love turns violent. Through it all, she climbs her way back to Hope and finds that in the end her True Heart remained Unbreakable. Release date this month TBA

It will be available in print and ebook version on many sites. Those of you who follow my blog will get a sneak peak of the cover as soon as it's ready. Also, go like my Facebook Fan Page for regular updates!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Amazing Raffle! Awesome Give Aways!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year right? Also the most stressful. And I know we are all struggling with money and loads of other things. NOT the best time to do a fundraiser.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to pick when my darling 8 year old would most need therapy for serious anxiety attacks and depression. She needs at least 3 months of therapy which will run about $1500. So that’s my goal, to raise $1500 in the next month.

Even if I don’t make it, every penny helps. I’m a single mom with 3 little girls. I write full time and can never tell what my income is going to be from month to month. I do well for myself mostly, but we’ve been hit hard lately by major car repairs, attorney fees and more. I fought like hell to get custody of my kids and ensure their father had supervised visitations until he receives the treatment he needs to be safe with them. This all costs money.  (To read more about the reason for this click on “My Unbreakable Heart”.)

If you are new to my blog and confused, you might find the following posts helpful.
To learn about “Rose,” my  8-yr-old who is amazing, brilliant, talented and ultra-sensitive, read my tribute to her at “The Chicken Nuggets Must Live!”

“Education or Stress: What is school doing to my daughter?” introduces the problems we are facing, and “ 8-year-old Panic Attacks Part 2” delves further into what I’m doing to help her. “Fundraiser Launch Coming Soon: With Prizes” is kinda self-explanatory I think. And now, we’re here. The launch.

So…here’s how it’s going to work.

EVERY DOLLAR you give will earn you a raffle ticket. I will collect these until January 14, 2011. I will then use a random online number generator to pick the winning numbers. (And I am actually going to give you REAL tickets, I’ll even take a picture of the raffle bowl as it fills.)

So far I’ve received  $190 in donations (In addition to the total being kept by the ChipIn program to the right) and I am SOOO BLOWN AWAY by this support. If you’ve already given you are already entered.

What will you win?

Art Magnet Set,  Painted by "Rose"
  • ·         First, everyone who gives will receive a short story written by yours truly about a little girl consumed with fear as her panic attack worsens. It will include artwork by my talented 8 yr old. This is in E-book style and will be emailed to you or made available for download. (You can also receive this just by RT, Emailing, Blogging, or FB this! Any show of support is appreciated.)

  • ·         A select number of givers will receive a set of handmade refrigerator magnets featuring my daughters artwork thanks to the lovely and talented Desirai. Check out her site here.

  • ·         Free web hosting for a year (restrictions apply: web space cannot be used as a file repository)
           - Wordpress installation and set up
- blog migration from blogger, typepad,, etc

  • ·         Free web hosting for a year (restrictions apply: web space cannot be used as a file repository)
- Wordpress Installation with Wordpress theme of choice
Once again, Desirai and her partner in crime Jeffrey are contributing the work on this, and I am giving the hosting.

  • ·         The fabulous Dmytry Karpov is writing a flash, dedicated to a lucky raffle winner based on the subject of their choice. The flash will be emailed to the winner and featured on his blog.

  • ·          Other possible prizes include free books, poetry recordings and another year of free webhosting. Some of these prizes are valued in the hundreds of dollars and I’m SOOO grateful to my awesome friends who have made these donations for my daughter. LOVE YOU ALL!

To give, please click on the donate button to the right of this blog in order to pay through ChipIn. If you’d like to give in some other way, please email me at Kimberly.Kinrade at gmail dot com.Also, email me and let me know which item you'd like to be entered in for the raffle. Thank you!

Thank you all and good luck! I will keep you posted on Rose’s progress.

** To date, she is still suffering attacks, though they aren’t always as bad. I am modifying her date to factor in potential food allergies. 
"Rose's" happy place based on her idea of Belize